Friday, 24 July 2009

Review - Anthony ( Tony) Robbins - Creating Lasting Change

The last 10 days of so I've been listening to Anthony Robbins - Creating Lasting Change.

Nobody does motivation like Antony Robbins. Throughout the CDs he stresses that he is more than that. Yes, this is true. Yet, I've seen his infomercials, read some of his other books and listening to various audio products that he has.

He is all about getting you motivated, to do something and change your life.

Listening to this I noticed several curious things. I had been asking for more leadership and business advice over the last months, since I'm making, a successfully, transition from employee to 'boss'. This was one way for the universe to answer that request.

Each track over 10 days is about an hour. Some are shorter, some are longer.

If you have spent time reading, listening or attending any of Anthony's seminars. I think, like me, you will find much of this 'old hat'. I seemed to have heard most of this already from Tony.

You'll learn about:

The 6 human needs
7 Steps to Lasting Change
How to interrupt existing patterns of behaviour, beliefs and values.
How To condition a Change
Transformation Vocabulary

Perhaps the only thing that is new is when you are on the last day - Day 10 - Expanding Your Breadth And Depth Of Leadership.

Most of the CDs are introduced, not by Tony, but by a side kick. I'm sorry, whilst his stories and anecdotes are interesting. He just is not Tony in is delivery. The main content of the CDs are taken from content that Tony has already delivered to his seminar participants.

He left me hanging on one CD, when he mentioned that you are trying to answer one question in your life. Yet, didn't go any further in to it.

There is a workbook, which reinforces what you have heard and a DVD. It is always great to see Tony in action.

I did use the information to reevaluate my current goals. I used the 6 Human needs criteria, to actually reveal to myself my highest needs.

I transformed my affirmations into incantations. I some what awkwardly began using more transformational vocabulary. When doing this I've noticed just how habitual my vocabulary had become.

I think this product is good for a review. That is certainly what it seemed like to me. Yes, it is always great to go over information. After all, you are doing it for a very good reason. Yet, I think if you're on a budget, go and get his book Awaken The Giant Within and Unlimited Power. All the information is virtually all in there.

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